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What Sets Our Meal Prep Service apart

What sets us apart from other food prep companies? Simply stated, we cook as fresh and nutritious as possible and pay attention to details. Our clients aren’t eating meals made weeks in advance and kept frozen, leaving room for items to become stale and lose their flavor. The vast majority of our veggies are fresh, with most purchased at local farmer’s markets. Our chicken is hand-trimmed, so we’re able to serve the best quality cuts. Our burger patties are made with precision and care from trained cooks. Our veggies are chopped, sliced and diced with accuracy and cleanliness. Rest assured, we are not serving canned meat or veggies here at Proper Prep.

This all started with health and nutrition in mind and we plan to keep fresh, nutritious, clean foods at the forefront of our business model, so we and our clients are consuming the best of the best!

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We are located at 1300 McCoy Street Opelika, Alabama 36801.

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Meal Plans That Meet your life style

À la Cart is available with any plan option.

Weight Loss

4-5 oz of protein
1/2 cup carbohydrate
1/2 cup vegetable



7-8 oz of protein
1 cup carbohydrate
1 cup vegetable



6-7oz of protein
1/2 cup of carbohydrate
3/4 cup vegetable



We offer 5, 6 or 7 day macro plans that will fit your specific nutritional needs. Pricing will vary.



5-6 oz protein
1 cup veggie
No carbs

Just lunch

Choose from our various plans, and enjoy properly prepared lunches 5, 6 or 7 days a week.


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